The Original Promise

a yuki sohma fanzine

STATUS: Physical preorders CLOSED! Digital orders are still open.Thank you for your support! 🐀

About this zine

The Original Promise is a Yuki Sohma-centric zine dedicated to the growth and journey of his character throughout Fruits Basket as well as his relationships with other characters. As of now, we intend this zine to be a paid physical and digital zine with the proceeds donated to charity.


Subject to changeInterest Check & Mod Apps: Jan 3-Feb 1
Mod Team Announcement: Feb 3
Interest Check Results: TBA
Contributor Applications: Feb 8-Mar 13
Contributor Results Sent: Mar 27
Check-in 1 (Sketches/Concepts): Apr 10
Check-in 2 (50% Complete): May 15
Check-in 3 (75% Complete): Jun 12
Deadline (100% Completion): July 3
Extension Period: Jul 10
Preorders Open: Jul 17
Preorders Close: Aug 14
Production: August onwards


Mod Leopah - Head, Finance, WritingA writer in numerous zines and a professional copywriter.Experience- Was the head & writing mod of Millennium: A Noragami Fanzine (@millenniumzine on Tumblr & Twitter), a charity zine with digital and physical releases.
- Writing mod for Let’s Change The World TPN zine.
- I’ve also been running events in the Noragami fandom since 2018.
Favorite character?Yuki, of course! Also, Kakeru is stupid and I care deeply about him.Social media linksTwitter | Tumblr

Mod Belle - Social MediaHi! o7 I'm Belle and Fruits Basket is never far from my mind.Experience- Comms mod for With Bare Hands, We Reach Zine
- Head/writing/organization mod for 'at the end of everything...' a Night in the Woods zine
- List of all zine experience
Favorite character?Hatori! His story is the one that stuck with me the most.Social media linksTwitter | Website

Mod Piriie - Art, Graphics, ShippingHello! I'm Erika and I learned all my life lessons from Fruits Basket.Experience- I'm an art student and have been an artist in numerous zines.Favorite character?Yuki!!! And also Ring, and Tohru, and–Social media linksTwitter | Instagram

Mod Li - Merch, ProductionHiya, I'm Li! As a rat enthusiast, I'm very excited to be here. I've modded a few zines in the past!Experience- Head mod of The Forbidden Game
- Merch/production mod for Picturesque
Favorite character?Momiji c:Social media linksTwitter

Mod Viinas - FormattingHi, I'm Gio! (she/her) and I think rats are neat.Experience- Layout and graphics mod for Millennium: A Norogami Fanzine (completed)
- Resilient: A Riza Hawkeye Fanzine (in progress)
- Have been a writer and artist in over 22 zines as well!
Favorite character?UoSocial media linksTwitter | Tumblr

Mod Anya - Social media internHeyyy, I'm Anya! (she/her) There's this rat in my walls that likes to scrabble around at 2am making little rat noises and I think that's Yuki's way of telling me to do this zine.Experience- No past experience, that's why I'm the intern lol.
- Just kidding, I might not have any zine experience, but I have worked professionally in social media before.
Favorite character?Y U K ISocial media linksTwitter | Tumblr


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zine?
A zine (short for magazine) is an unofficial collection of art, writing, and merch from different creators.
Is this zine for profit or for charity?
This zine will be for charity. Exact charity TBA; if you have a suggestion, feel free to let us know!
Will this zine be digital or physical?
We’re planning for a digital and physical release. Please let us know your preference in the interest check!
Is this zine invite-only or application-based?
Application-based primarily, with some guests.
How many contributors will you have?
The exact numbers will be based both on the interest check and the number of applications we receive. So, as of now, it’s TBA.
Do I have to pay to be in?
Nope! Our goal is to provide copies to all contributors free of charge, but if we don’t make it you can always opt out of receiving a copy.
Will AUs be allowed?
All pieces for this zine will be loosely canon-compliant. So no AUs, sorry. However, AUs are fine for samples!
Does this zine have a theme?
Other than being Yuki-centric and canon-compliant, no! While we ask that your pieces feature Yuki in some way, however you choose to represent him is up to you.
I want to participate, but I’ve never written/drawn Fruits Basket/Yuki before. Do I still have a chance?
Absolutely! We’re going to be judging applicants primarily on their skill, and while Fruits Basket work in your portfolio lets us see how you interpret the characters, it’s not a done deal. Please give us your best shot!
I want to draw/write something specific for this zine. Does that affect my chances?
We will leave a space in contributor apps in case you do have an idea already, but it’s not required and won’t hurt your chances. We’re going to judge based on portfolio quality first and foremost.
Do I need to have past zine experience to apply as a contributor?
Not at all. We encourage you to apply regardless of how qualified you think you are.
Is traditional art ok?
Yes, for both the zine and the samples! However, please make sure it is properly scanned.
What are the physical zine specs?
6x9in perfect-bound, number of pages TBA.